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This craft was created by Jaclyn Dwyer. Jaclyn is an artist and designer who, since becoming a mother of three under five, now turns her creativity towards creating great activities and parties for her kids. After relying heavily on her feedback and support for the first issue, we are officially harnessing her talents for Show & Tell and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. 

Step one: Cut the lid off an egg carton. Cut the peaks off the base of the carton and set aside for later so that it sits flush. Glue the base piece onto a another whole egg carton setting it back from the edge one row. 

Step two: Cut the lid of the carton as shown in the photo above. Rotate the two small pieces around and they will fit perfectly into the other end of the lid. Glue them into position.

Step three: Glue the edges of the tail to the top of the cut lid and secure with a bull dog clip until it dries. Then glue the tail onto the back of the main body. Secure with masking tape until the glue dries.

Step four: With third egg carton, cut off the fastening flap. Then cut through the base and lid (keeping them attached) through the middle of a peak, leaving a whole peak, then cutting though the middle of another peak. Cut the fastening flap in half and attach it to the edges of the lid. From the leftover carton, trim down two egg compartments to create the eyes. Glue them on top of the head.

Step five: Take the leftover peaks from step one and attach them to the tail as spines.

Step six: Paint your crocodile green, add some googly eyes and some teeth cut out of cardboard. Snap, snap... he’s done.

You will need; 3 egg cartons, craft glue, serrated steak knife, 2 googly eyes, green paint (and painting equipment), lightweight cardboard, masking tape, small bulldog clip