1. 3. Download this template Lotta bunny template.pdf Print it onto A4 cardboard and cut out the pieces. Glue them onto the cup. Add a fluffy cotton ball tail onto the opposite side.

  1. 4. Now place the bunny cup over the top of the other cup. Holding onto the rim of the bunny cup, pull it down, release it and watch your bunny hop. When his face falls off — I say when because these will be so popular and jump so high even Evil Kenevil couldn’t survive unscathed — don’t try to glue it back on (the kids won’t wait), just blu-tak it.

Things you need

2 white disposable cups (paper or plastic), scissors, 2 rubber bands, craft glue, A4 cardboard, our template, cotton ball

How to make...

  1. 1. Use the pointy end of your scissors to poke four holes (at opposite points) into one cup.

  2. 2.Cut your elastic bands — so they aren’t circles anymore.  Feed them through the holes, allowing a little slack and tie a knot in the ends.

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