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How to make them...

  1. 1.Get an old board book, a can of blackboard spray paint, a face mask and some newspaper/a tarp/big box.

  2. 2.Go outside and away from anything important. Protect your work area using newspaper or a plastic tarp or create a spray booth with a large box. Protect yourself with a face mask. 

  3. 3.Lay your board book flat and spray the front cover. Start spraying before the book and stop after it. Keep the can moving (don’t dwell in one place too long). Apply the paint thinly — you can always do another coat but if it’s too thick it will run and ruin the project. Allow it to dry, then open the book and spray the rest of the pages (allowing them to dry each time). Apply a second coat if necessary.

We found you didn’t need to sand or prime the book to spray paint it.