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Materials: Bonsai wire, pliers, wooden spoon, craft glue, scissors, A4 card, colouring pencils.

  1. 1.Download the file Lotta koala.pdf and print our koala onto A4 card and colour him in.

  2. 2.Fold them in half so the koalas are facing each other. Cut the out and then separate the two from each other by cutting along the fold.

  3. 3.Cut a length of wire 70cm long with your pliers.

  4. 4.Twist the wire evenly around the wooden spoon handle to make a tight, even spiral.

  5. 5.Slide out the handle. Open out the spiral so the loops are evenly spaced at about 2cm apart.

  6. 6.Cut a length of wire 12cm long. Make a semi-circle and put a small loop in each end.

  7. 7.Glue one koala on either side of the loop. Once dry, feed it onto the spiral.

  8. 8.Put a small loop in each end of the spiral with pliers to make sure the koala can’t come off. Stretch out the bottom spiral a little to create a handle.

Jumping kangaroo

I’ve created a new template for our very popular jumping cups — a jumping kangaroo for Australia Day. Superhero versions can be found in our Secrets Issue and a jumping bunny for easter was on our blog.

Get all the instructions at the easter post. Download the file here Lotta kangaroo.pdf

I hope you enjoy them and have a great Australia Day!