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Things you need: A4 card, sticky dots (Sellotape Sticky Dots Removable), No. 6 manilla seed pocket envelopes, scissors

  1. 1.Download the two PDF printables: Lotta love envelopes.pdf and Lotta love note.pdf

  2. 2.Print them both onto A4 card.

  3. 3.Use non-permanent sticky dots (we used Sellotape Sticky Dots Removable) to attach the envelopes over the top of the envelope patterns on the printout. Place a sticky dot on each corner of the back of the envelopes and make sure they are securely pressed down onto the card.

  4. 4.Place the page with envelopes attached into your printer so that the envelopes are on the printable side. Print the envelope PDF again and the pattern will be printed onto your envelopes.

  5. 5.Carefully pull the envelopes off the backing page. Now you can roll off the sticky dots to remove them.

  6. 6.Cut out the note cards, add your message and place them inside the envelope.