Light-up Christmas trees

With this easy craft, every kid can have their very own christmas tree.  Best of all, it really lights up with the help of battery-operated LED fairy lights. As you can see below, it’s amazing! They would make great Christmas night lights for little ones and are fun for everyone.


Green craft foam, plastic cup, battery operated LED lights, craft foam stars, scissors, masking tape, template, skewer, decorations for your tree (jewels, sequins, buttons etc).


1. Download and print out the pattern and tape it onto your sheet of green craft foam.  Use it as a template to cut out the cone shape.

2.  Poke holes through the cone with a strong skewer — one for each of your lights.


3.  Turn the cone over and poke each of the bulbs through a hole.

4.  We decorated one of our trees with a bead garland. To make this easy, poke a hole and thread it though the top of your tree because it is difficult once the tree is assembled.

5.  Now add some craft glue along one edge and join the two sides together to form a cone. Hold it until the glue sets or use a little masking tape to hold it together until it dries.

6.  Place your battery pack and any extra cord inside the plastic cup and sit your cone over the top.

7. Add your stars to the top (one on each side with the sticky sides together).

8. You can decorate it however you wish — keep it plain or go crazy with the decorations like jewels or sequins, shapes cut from craft foam.