Printable christmas lollipops

Here’s a quick Christmas printable for you — Santa and Rudolph lollipop covers. They are a great option to hand out to the kid’s class  or you can use them as cute (and delicious) place cards at your Christmas table.

Download our template here.  Print them onto A4 card and cut them out, including the hole in the centre. We have two versions — one ready to print and one you can colour in. Cover your lollipop with red crepe paper, securing it around the stick with some sticky tape. Write a message to your friends on the back of the card and put the covered lollipop through the hole.

You can also embellish them. I added a real pompom to Santa’s hat. You could add some cotton wool to his hat and beard. I also added glitter to Rudolph’s antlers to give him a little extra sparkle.