Colour DIY Mag


ISSUE ONE: In this issue, discover the art of Vincent Van Gogh by colouring a starry night, making a vase of sunflowers stickers and drawing en plein air.  Also create beautiful golden girls inspired by Gustav Klimt and learn about colour theory.  Go dotty for the art of ‘The Queen of Polka Dots’ Yayoi Kusama. Plus more colourful activity cards.  See a sample folder of this issue at



ISSUE TWO:  In this issue, explore the art of the Surrealists by giving yourself a Magritte makeover, discovering Salvador Dali’s surreal life, drawing Dali’s magnificent moustaches, playing surrealist art games and making a very dandy Dali doll. This issue also features the pop art of Andy Warhol. Learn about his art by sharing in his love of celebrities, soup cans and ice cream. See a sample folder of this issue at



ISSUE THREE: This issue features Frida Kahlo. Discover her art by drawing self portraits, collaging her famous floral hairdos, colouring her artworks and making a fabulous Frida paper doll.  Also learn about Henri Matisse by making wild fauvist art and colourful cut outs. See a sample folder of this  issue at



ISSUE FOUR:  This issue features Pablo Picasso. Learn about his blue period and the colours of emotions, stick together some cubist faces and draw one liners just like Picasso. Take a line for a walk with Paul Klee and explore abstract art by creating castles, faces, landscapes and cats inspired by his art.  Try some action art and paint like Jackson Pollock. See a sample folder of this issue at


These are digital products. Each issue is a printable PDF with around 40 pages of drawing, colouring, writing, art activities and creativity prompts which build to make your very own magazine. Every download for the Colour Issue also includes a free PDF of examples of the artist’s artwork (provided for educational purposes).