We’ve been making magazines for years but we’ve decided it’s time for kids to make their own with our brand new printable product Lotta’s DIY Magazine.

What is a DIY Mag? Lotta have created printable activity cards based around a theme — just like our magazines.  Each card prompts the kids to colour, draw, collage, write or paint. They can then slip the completed cards into Pocket Pages and put them together in a folder to make their very own magazine.  Watch this video to see how it works…

We are planning on creating DIY Mags for each of the Lotta Magazine themes and the first issues inspired by The Colour Issue are on sale now.

Who is it for?  The activities are designed for kids aged 8-12 but with help younger children can complete the activities and grown ups might enjoy them too. Our content is designed to help kids learn a little and discover a lot about each theme.  It’s great for any curious kid but homeschoolers might find it a great resource.

It’s not a magazine. Of course it is! A magazine is a collection of pictures and stories chosen and put together by an editor (that’s your child now).  All magazines, from Lotta to Vogue,  start in a folder just like this before they go to the printers.

Why printable?  We decided to make printable activity cards instead of a book so we can make creativity fun and easy.  There is no pressure — if your child draws on a card and decides they don’t like it, print another and start again. If they love an activity, print it five times and make five different versions.  Don’t worry parents — we have limited the amount of colour used in our designs so printing our pages won’t eat up all your ink and cost you a fortune.

The idea behind it.  We wanted to make something that makes creativity easy and accessible for the very busy kids of today.  Many families can’t fit a craft project into their week.  Our DIY Mag is something that you can spend 5 minutes or 5 hours making, with limited supplies needed. Over time, it builds into something substantial — your own magazine that you can share with others.  You could even work together as a family (yes, grown ups too) to make a mag.

How to get started.  Visit our shop where you can purchase the digital downloads and all the supplies to turn them into a magazine.