Art history printables for kids

Studying the art and lives of famous artists helps kids understand art, connect with history and learn big lessons about life. It’s important, but can be a little dry. That’s why I’ve been working on some kid-friendly resources to make famous artists accessible and fun.  My aim was FAMOUS ARTIST FUN! I hope I lived up to it.

All these resources are available in my website store and in my TPT store .  I’m creating new resources all the time so follow my TPT store if you don’t want to miss new products.

Lotta famous artist paper dolls

Gustav Klimt colouring pages for kids

Get your kids some famous artist fun here or at my TPT store.

If you use these resources in the classroom I would love to see. If you are sharing on social media, please use the hashtags #lottatpt or #famousartistfun so I can see them.

Lotta famous artist paper dolls

Famous artist colouring pages