Jumping easter bunny

Here’s a free sneak peek at the easy Easter fun in our new ebook Lotta Easter Fun — a jumping Easter bunny. Two party cups, two elastic bands and a little Lotta make this easter bunny jump. You won’t believe how high he goes!


Two white plastic or paper cups, template printed on A4 cardboard (Download here: Lotta jumping bunny) , two elastic bands, bamboo skewer, scissors, craft glue


  1.  Poke four holes in your cup, at opposite points (like a cross). An adult can use the pointy end of your scissors to get the holes started, then the kids can open them up with a bamboo skewer.

2. Cut your rubber bands (so they aren’t circles anymore). Feed one rubber band through the opposite holes, allowing a little slack, then tie a knot in both ends. You can use your bamboo skewer to help poke the rubber band through the holes. Repeat with the other rubber band.

3.  Print the template onto cardboard. Cut the face and feet out and glue them onto the cup with the elastic bands.

4.  To make your bunny hop, you need to place the bunny cup on top of another cup. Pull down and when you release, the bunny will jump.

If you like this project you will love our ebook. It’s packed with more easy Easter fun for kids! Click the pic to find out more. 



A Lotta Easter Fun

Looking for easy easter fun for kids? For less than the price of a chocolate bunny, we’ve got you covered with this 35 page digital eBook. Inside are Easter gifts, puppets, games, toys, Easter bonnets and decorations — fun for kids of all ages (and their grown ups).

Lotta Easter Fun gives you clear, step-by-step instructions, templates and material lists for each project. These crafts are doable (even for the least crafty parent) and mostly made from recycled items and stuff around the house.

Why an ebook?

  1. Everything you need is all in one place — one download from your inbox and you’re good to go.
  2. It’s perfectly formatted for you to print it at home. All the instructions are on one or two pages — not 22 like a blog post.  It’s more convenient and saves printer ink (just skip the big photo pages).
  3. I can pack the pages choc full of cute, colourful Easter fun.
    Make & Play: Bunny popper games, Jumping Easter Bunnies and Easter Chick Puppets
    Make & Wear: Easy Easter Bonnets
    Make & Decorate: Egg Decorations, wreaths and garlands
    Make & Give: Recycled Bunny Pinatas and Bunny Baskets
  4. I can make it  look great — blog posts just don’t look that good when you print them but this little beauty is pretty and practical.

You can buy a copy right now for just AU$3.50 (that’s just US$2.50). Click here or the cover pic below to go to our store and purchase a copy.

This is a digital product. You will receive a PDF file that you can download straight from your email inbox.  It couldn’t be easier!