Flower pencils

A bunch of flowers that lasts forever — these flower pencils are a beautiful and useful gift for Mother’s Day.  They are blooming easy to make… here’s how.


Lead pencils (we found some green ones at the dollar store), crepe paper (two colours — one for centre and one for petals), PVA or craft glue, scissors


1. Add some craft glue to the end of your pencil and cover it with a square of crepe paper (fold it so it is three layers thick and won’t break).

2.  Cut a strip of crepe paper and fold in over so there are three layers and it is long enough to wrap twice around your pencil. Snip it about 3/4 of the way down, all the way along to create a fringed effect.

3.  Using this template — Lotta flower petals.pdf — cut the petals out of of crepe paper. Starting with the smaller petals, glue them onto the pencil, working your way around, overlapping the petals slightly.

4.  Continue adding the larger petals with a daub of glue until your flower is complete.

5.  Repeat steps 1-4 to make some more pencils in other colours.  Place them into your vase (ours was a milk bottle from the dollar store).

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