Christmas brooches

With these brooches, you can add a little Christmas cheer to any outfit.


Felt (browns, red, white, skin colour), scissors, craft glue, pencil, A4 piece of card, pompom, buttons or beads for eyes, brooch fitting


  1. Download the template right here.
  2. Cut the pieces out of felt and glue them together.
  3. Add some details. I sewed some beads on for eyes but you could glue buttons or googly eyes. I also glued a pom pom onto Santa’s hat.
  4. Place your felt creation down on some cardboard and trace around it. Cut out the shape, inside the line, then glue it onto the back of the felt shapes to stiffen them.
  5. Glue a brooch fitting on the cardboard backing and they are ready to wear.

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Reindeer bags

Today I am sharing a DIY for the perfect Christmas accessory, a Reindeer Bag.  It’s just the thing for carrying their stuff to Christmas parties or as a gift bag for special presents.  It’s super cute, easy to make and the handles are the antlers (I was so happy with myself when I figured that out!)  It’s also a great project for kids to practice basic sewing skills.


30cm of brown felt sold by the metre (it needs to be at least 80cm wide, if not you will need 80cm), scrap of lighter brown felt (for the ears), download our pattern, sticky tape, scissors, pins, big sewing needle, brown embroidery thread, two black buttons, pompoms, craft glue


  1.  Download our pattern, print it out and tape the two pages together.
  2.  Fold the felt in half. Pin your pattern on top, with the dotted line at the top of the antlers on the fold.
  3. Cut out the reindeer shape. DO NOT cut the top of the antlers!  Older kids can do this themselves, but younger ones will need an adult because cutting through two layers of felt needs sharp scissors.  The antlers are a little tricky for kids to cut — it’s easier to use a small pair of scissors and you can always trim them after you remove the pattern if you aren’t happy with the shape.

4.  Remove your paper pattern. Make sure the edges line up and pin the two layers together.

5.  Thread your needle with brown embroidery thread and sew the two layers together — a simple straight stitch from ear to ear, about 1cm in from the edge.  If you want to be tricky, you can hide the knot inside the bag by starting with your needle through just the top layer.

6.  Now it’s time to decorate your bag. Glue some felt onto the ears.  Glue or sew on two buttons for the eyes.  Add a pompom for the nose and if you’d like, one on the back for the tail.

If you make one, I’d love to see the Christmas cuteness!  You can post it on our Facebook Page or share your pic on Instagram with the hashtag #lottamagazine.

Lotta magazine | Magazine for kids

Paper plate reindeer

Hello cutie! I call him ‘Dolla’ because I made him with things I bought from the dollar store.  I think he would look great hanging on the kids bedroom door to give it a little Christmas cheer.


Small and large paper plate, brown paint, paint brush and tray, paper cup, scissors, glue, tape, wide christmas ribbon, pompom, glittered cardboard, googly eyes, pink craft foam or cardboard, green cardboard, bag of red buttons.

You don’t need a template, but I made one for myself and you can download it here. 


  1.  Paint one large and one small paper plate brown (you only need to paint the back of the plates).
  2. Cut a curve, about 1/3 up the large plate. This becomes your reindeers body. The leftover piece of paper plate is used to make the ears.
  3. Attach the head to the body with some tape on the back and a dot of glue between the layers.
  4. Cut some antlers from the glittered cardboard.
  5. Cut the bottom off a paper cup for the nose.
  6. Glue or tape everything in position.
  7. Wrap the ribbon around your reindeer’s neck as a scarf and glue the ends to the plate to hold them down.


Printable christmas lollipops

Here’s a quick Christmas printable for you — Santa and Rudolph lollipop covers. They are a great option to hand out to the kid’s class  or you can use them as cute (and delicious) place cards at your Christmas table.

Download our template here.  Print them onto A4 card and cut them out, including the hole in the centre. We have two versions — one ready to print and one you can colour in. Cover your lollipop with red crepe paper, securing it around the stick with some sticky tape. Write a message to your friends on the back of the card and put the covered lollipop through the hole.

You can also embellish them. I added a real pompom to Santa’s hat. You could add some cotton wool to his hat and beard. I also added glitter to Rudolph’s antlers to give him a little extra sparkle.

Light-up Christmas trees

With this easy craft, every kid can have their very own christmas tree.  Best of all, it really lights up with the help of battery-operated LED fairy lights. As you can see below, it’s amazing! They would make great Christmas night lights for little ones and are fun for everyone.


Green craft foam, plastic cup, battery operated LED lights, craft foam stars, scissors, masking tape, template, skewer, decorations for your tree (jewels, sequins, buttons etc).


1. Download and print out the pattern and tape it onto your sheet of green craft foam.  Use it as a template to cut out the cone shape.

2.  Poke holes through the cone with a strong skewer — one for each of your lights.


3.  Turn the cone over and poke each of the bulbs through a hole.

4.  We decorated one of our trees with a bead garland. To make this easy, poke a hole and thread it though the top of your tree because it is difficult once the tree is assembled.

5.  Now add some craft glue along one edge and join the two sides together to form a cone. Hold it until the glue sets or use a little masking tape to hold it together until it dries.

6.  Place your battery pack and any extra cord inside the plastic cup and sit your cone over the top.

7. Add your stars to the top (one on each side with the sticky sides together).

8. You can decorate it however you wish — keep it plain or go crazy with the decorations like jewels or sequins, shapes cut from craft foam.

Pop-up Santa Puppet

This cute Santa puppet, who pops up and down the chimney, is mostly made from recycled bottles.


A square bottle (I used a Charlie’s Juice bottle), a santa shaped bottle (I used a Solo bottle), stanley knife, electric drill, chimney bricks printable, white felt, scissors, glue, masking tape, red and skin coloured paint, paint brush and tray, pompom (little one for nose, white wool and a scrap of cardboard (to make the hat pompom), googly eyes, piece of dowel, styrofoam ball (that fits inside your santa bottle) and a tape measure.


Watch this video to see how to make your own Pop-up Santa Puppet.

  1.  The first steps are just for grown ups. First cut the top off the square bottle and the bottom off the santa bottle. You need to put a hole in the bottom of the square bottle. The plastic at the base can be very tough, so the easiest way is to drill a hole in the base with an electric drill. The hole needs to be just bigger than the dowel rod.
  2. Peel off the stickers and remove any glue residue. I’ve found that eye makeup remover is great for this.
  3. Time to paint the Santa bottle. Use masking tape to cover a band for the face then paint the top and the bottom of the bottle red.  You probably need to paint two coats to cover the plastic evenly.  Peel of the masking tape and paint the middle section skin coloured. Set Santa aside for the paint to dry.
  4. Download and print out the chimney bricks PDF. You probably need two pages to cover your bottle. Trim the pages down to size and glue them onto the outside of the square bottle.
  5. Measure around the top of your chimney bottle. Cut some white felt to add snow around the top of your chimney and glue it on.
  6. Once Santa’s paint is dry it’s time to decorate him. Measure and cut a rectangle of white felt for the hair, fringing it. Glue onto the bottle around the edge of the skin section.
  7. Measure around the bottom of the hat section. Cut another felt rectangle and glue it around the rim of hat.
  8. Cut Santa’s beard from white felt and glue it on. Add the googly eyes and pompom nose.
  9. Make a large, wool pompom for the top of his hat. I needs to be big enough to cover the mouth of the bottle. Glue it in position.
  10. Insert the dowel into the styrofoam ball. Add some glue to the ball and attach it to the inside of the Santa bottle. Allow it to dry.
  11. Feed the stick through the hole in the bottom of the chimney and it’s ready to go.

If you make one I’d love to see. Take a pic and post it on Instagram with #lottamagazine or post it on our Facebook Page.